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Texas is notorious for its seasons – or lack thereof. Winter whips in and before you know it, you are back outside gardening in your shorts, or shopping in that sundress you barely had time to pack away.

Unfortunately, while winter is here and especially around the holidays, we tend to eat and drink more and as a result, put on a few extra pounds. Worried about getting them back off before swimsuit season is in full effect? Don’t be. Mansfield personal trainers through Dallas-based Lady Trainers To Go are taking Mansfield by storm.

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Devising exercise programs for their female clientele, the all-female training staff is educated and experienced in getting the results you crave in the time you have. They pack an entire workout session into an hour. You get your weight training and your cardio at the same time and you end your sessions feeling pumped up and inspired. Mansfield personal trainers are also able to connect you with a Lady Trainers To Go nutritionist who can custom-create a meal plan for you and/or your family, if you want to completely revamp your lifestyle.

You deserve a change. Stop putting your health on hold for another holiday, another vacation or another year. This is as good a time as any to start your new workout program. Your Mansfield personal trainer will meet with you to discuss your needs and help identify your goals. She will keep you motivated and will hold you accountable and your reward? A sleek, toned physique that is actually happy Texas has longer summer months – more time to show off your new body!

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