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If you have ever worked out with a Frisco personal trainer at a gym, it was probably a man, since 85% of all personal trainers are men. The first thing you'll notice is that trainers often train their clients like they train themselves. This makes it very difficult for us, as women, because our goals are often very different. If you're like me you probably want to trim and town; not build large muscles.

At Lady Trainers To Go we've realized this important difference and we've built a business around ensuring women get the best service possible by understanding your goals, only the way another woman can, and delivering the results you want. After all, we understand the difference a dress size or two can make; not just in your health but also in your body image.

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Our female Frisco personal trainers design programs specifically based around your goals. Most clients are more interested in streamlining their body's then building muscle. Thus, your trainer will incorporate aspects of cardio, resistance, yoga and Pilates into your routines.

Because as women it's in our nature to empathize and nurture, each member of our Frisco personal training staff genuinely listens to their clients and takes pride in your results. We hear what you say and create a program based on your aspirations. You won’t find your Frisco personal trainer trying to convince you that lifting heavy weight will actually make you look leaner in the long run. Her priorities are your goals and she will do her best to help you achieve them.

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For more details on how our Frisco personal trainers work with clients visit our home page at Female Frisco Personal Trainers.

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