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Your Attitude Towards Weight Loss Can Determine Success

Did you know that your weight loss success (or failure) has a lot to do with your frame of mind? In other words, your attitude towards weight loss can make or break you. True and lasting results will only come when you modify your behavior and think positively.


Many women become emotionally attached to food. In most cases, junk food. Negative emotions can give us a negative attitude towards weight loss. Try finding another outlet besides opening up the fridge or pantry if you’re emotional. If you are going to eat, don’t overdo it. Be sure that you can distinguish between an emotional hunger and a real physical hunger. It’s important that you know the difference. If you find yourself eating much more when you’re emotional, then you need to make a change.

While there are women that become emotionally attached to food, there are others that are environmentally attached to food. Are you always going out to eat with friends and family? Eating out is a nice treat, but you need to keep in mind that the portions you receive at a restaurant are much bigger than what’s healthy for your body. If you’re meeting up with friends, try eating a portion-controlled meal at home and then meet up for the rest of the evening. If you just can’t avoid meeting up for dinner, monitor what you eat.


Think positively about yourself and talk positively to yourself. Instead of focusing on the flaws you may have, start focusing on the upside of the situation. Find ways to give yourself a positive attitude towards weight loss. Tell yourself, “I can lose weight. I will do it!” You and only you are in charge of your life, so make sure that you stroke your ego every now and then. If you don’t, you are opening yourself up for a huge dose of negativity and disappointment. Having confidence in yourself and your ability to reach your goals, will get your more than fast results, it will get you lasting results!


There really is no need to “diet.” We can eat whatever we want to eat, but portion control and moderation is key. Don’t deprive yourself of certain foods you consider junk food, because this will make you crave them even more. It’s OK to eat, but it’s not OK to overindulge. Understanding this will improve your attitude about weight loss. Learn the difference between good fats, bad fats and portion control. If you are uncertain about the basis of a healthy diet, study the food pyramid. The more knowledge you have about food and the more control you have around it will help you modify your eating habits and stay faithful to proper nutrition, now and in the future.


If you’re trying to lose weight, it is extremely important to stay positive. A winning attitude towards weight loss will bring you winning results. Modifying your behavior and your thinking will get you looking and feeling your best faster than you could ever imagine. Try to keep an open mind and stay focused on how much all of your hard work will pay off in the future.

Attitude Towards Weight Loss

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Attitude Towards Weight Loss Attitude Towards Weight Loss

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