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Best Ways to Prevent Exercise Injury

You’ve decided that it’s time for you to get back into shape. You have an idea as to what exercises you want to do and you’re ready to start. Before you do, keep in mind that while exercise is great for your body, injuries can still happen. Therefore, you need to understand how to prevent exercise injury by working out safely.


When you feel pain, stop instead of pushing through it.

Many times, people push through the pain instead of realizing that they need to stop. When you exercise, it’s only natural that you’ll feel some tension and warmth in your muscles. This however, does not mean that you should feel severe pain. If you feel discomfort while working out, take a break so your body can relax. If taking a break doesn’t help, you may even need to find a new fitness regimen all together.

Find your balance by working out on flat surfaces.

A hard workout on a hard, uneven surface can make you susceptible to exercise injury. If possible, exercise on level ground. If you have a mat, try using it under you feet for extra protection. The softer and more level your foundation is, the more you prevent exercise injury.

Fill up on calcium to strengthen bones.

When your bones are weak, you have a much greater chance of exercise injury, especially injuries like stress fractures. Drink milk, eat cheese and yogurt or take your multivitamin to ensure your body is getting the proper amount of calcium needed to increase bone strength.

Replace your tennis shoes when you notice wear and tear.

When your shoes wear down, they lose their ability to absorb shock. Giving your feet the support they need, will only add to your exercise routine. For you runners out there, try replacing your shoes every 500 miles to ensure optimum support. If you like to walk instead of run, or if you just wear tennis shoes during indoor exercises, wear and tear will take longer. When your shoes are visibly falling apart, head to your favorite store and purchase a replacement pair.

Don’t exercise like a pro until you are a pro.

Exercise is great, but you need to give your body time to adjust to each new intensity level. Build your intensity gradually. When you hit a plateau, bump it up a notch. Be patient and take your time. You can become an exercise guru, but you want to get there without causing your body unnecessary pain.

Alternate your daily workouts.

If you lift weights today, don’t lift weights tomorrow. Instead, hop on the treadmill or head outside for a nice walk or jog. If you insist on lifting weights everyday, try alternating areas. For instance, if you did some bicep curls on Tuesday, give your arms a break on Wednesday and do some leg presses instead. Too much stress on a particular area of your body makes it hard to prevent exercise injury.

If you already have an injury, wear a brace and take it slow.

Some injuries stay with us throughout our entire lives. Therefore, it may be necessary to wear a brace for added support while exercise. Working out without a brace leaves you open to an even more severe injury. Overtime, your injury may become severe enough to inhibit you from exercising at all. Take your time, don’t push yourself and take the necessary precaution to avoid this.

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Manage Diabetes With Exercise and Nutrition Manage Diabetes With Exercise and Nutrition

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