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Busting Through Exercise Myths

Why is it that many Americans choose to become one with the couch rather than get up and enjoy the benefits of physical activity? For some, it’s as simple as being lazy and not caring about their health. For others, it’s because of the abundance of exercise myths. How so? Hearing the pros and cons of exercise from multiple people can often lead to huge misconceptions about getting fit. If you have any questions or concerns about exercise, you need to do your research. The more knowledge you have about getting fit, the easier it will be for you to make the choice to stay physically active.


False: When it comes to busting through exercise myths, t his is one is a biggie. Strength training is great for women. Why? Because it helps lessen your risk of osteoporosis in the future and it helps you burn fat. Women just don’t have enough testosterone to build gigantic muscles. A surefire way to promote flexibility, strong bones and good health in the future is to strength train.


False: Exercising brings about many more benefits than just losing weight. Even if you have the body of a supermodel, you should still exercise. Why? Being physically active helps ward of the onset of future diseases and illness. Exercise strengthens your bones and immune system as well. The list goes on and on. Unless your doctor specifies that you should not exercise, then there is no excuse for not doing it.


False: Doing crunches 24-7 will not give you fabulous abs. Sitting for an hour at the thigh machine will not make your legs sleek. Busting though exercise myths, especially the myth of spot reduction has plagued many. In order to lose weight or get toned, you need activity that works your body as a whole. Fat isn’t just stored in certain parts of the body—it is stored all through the body. Stick with exercises that offer a full-body workout.


False: There are exercise guidelines for a reason, so do your best to stick to them. Over-exercising can lead to serious injury and even some psychological problems. Try not to obsess about exercise. Instead, just keep it at a healthy level. You will get results, but you must be patient and get fit the right way.


False: If your goal is to be healthy--truly healthy, then you need a combination of both exercise and proper nutrition. Busting through exercise myths such as this is really a no-brainer. The two work hand in hand so if you want the best results, then you need both. Avoid fad diets and just try altering your food choices. Eat your servings of nuts, grains, oils, fruits, dairy and vegetables. Remember the Food Pyramid? It’s still around and serves as a wonderful guide to a proper “diet.” Add exercise to the mix and see the results.

Now that some of these common misconceptions about exercise have been addressed, you can begin busting through exercise myths on your own. It’s easy to see why exercise is so important for everyone. If you still can’t do it on your own, try hiring a personal trainer or find a friend to workout with. Find whatever works for you and take care of your body. You only get one, so treat it right.

Exercise Myths

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