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The Benefits of Walking Can Bring You Better Health

Did you know that walking 30 minutes a day adds 1.3 years to your life? Walking, the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other is indeed one of the best exercises (if not the best) out there that you can do to increase better health. The benefits of walking are endless, and this great exercise can sometimes be tossed aside for more strenuous (and fun) activities, when instead, it should be held close, front and center.


  • Stronger immune system. Walking can help generate immune system cells that attack against viruses and bacteria.
  • Cancer prevention. That’s right, walking 30 minutes, at least 2 to 3 times a week can help decrease your chances of obtaining colon cancer and breast cancer.
  • Decreased risk of glaucoma. This can be a very important benefit to diabetics. Not only will you help strengthen your eyes, you can maintain your weight, which controls blood sugar levels.
  • Lower blood sugar. Try finding a walking area with hills for an extra bonus.
  • More energy. Having more energy allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. When you have lots of energy, you can accomplish more during the day, stay focused longer and feel better.
  • Reduced stress level. Life throws many things our way, and stress usually follows. Walking is a great stress reliever. It’s a fantastic way to feel more relaxed and tension-free.
  • Healthier bones and joints. For you ladies out there, walk often to ward off osteoporosis. For the runners out there, walking is a great way to stay in shape without injuring your knees.
  • Stable blood pressure levels. Whether your blood pressure is constantly high or only spikes only during a stressful moment, walking is a wonderful way to lower your levels.
  • Less body fat (weight management). The great thing about walking is that it works every part of your body. If you’re all about a full-body workout, then walking is for you.
  • Deeper sleep. By exercising, you release unwanted tension from the body, allowing you to have deeper and undisturbed sleep. Better sleep is great for both power of body and power of mind.


  • Wear a good pair of shoes—always. Make sure your shoes provide both comfort and support. Runners usually replace their shoes every 500 miles or so. Since walking doesn’t bring wear and tear about as quickly, try swapping them out every 1,500 miles or use your judgment. The more wear and tear your shoes have, the less protection they’re giving your feet.
  • Be sure to warm up before walking and cool down after walking. This is a highly important step if you wish to reap the benefits of walking. Warming up includes stretching and starting out at a slow pace. Cooling down includes slowing your pace, instead of coming to a rapid stop of power walking. Be sure and stretch once again during your cool down to avoid injury.
  • Challenge yourself slowly. As you build endurance, gradually increase the intensity of your walk.
  • Keep it fun so you don’t get bored. Grab your iPod or whatever else can give you some energizing music to listen to. Another way to keep walking fun is to find a friend to walk with you. A little friendly competition is always enjoyable.

Stop letting the days pass you by. It’s time to get up, get moving and enjoy the benefits of walking.

Benefits of Walking

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