Lady Trainers To Go: Corporate Overview
Lady Trainers To Go: Corporate Overview

Lady Trainers To Go: Corporate Overview

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Lady Trainers To Go firmly believes in the importance of personal training to achieve fitness goals. As the one and only personal training company excusivley for women in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, Lady Trainers To Go provides workouts designed exclusively for women, by top females in the industry.

The concept is simple. A recent study found that over 80 percent of gym members use the gym so infrequently that they would be better off paying by the visit, as opposed to forking over monthly membership dues. The average gym member actually used the facilities fewer than five times per month.

The reasons behind staying away from the gym are as varied as the members themselves. Whether the excuses stem from discomfort in exercising in a room full of people, uncertainty at how to use the equipment or embarrassment in the pace or performance during a workout, women make excuses for avoiding exercising and they pay for it with their physique.

This is where Lady Trainers To Go steps in.

Lady Trainers To Go will send a female trainer to a client’s home or office. She will provide all equipment necessary for a challenging workout that will tighten, slim down and tone the entire body.

Because women often place a higher priority on losing weight and toning muscle, Lady Trainers To Go designs workouts that combine yoga, Pilates, cardio, resistance and flexibility training. This overall approach prevents injury, increases flexibility, improves muscle tone, and promotes weight loss. For those wanting to shed extra pounds, trainers are able to monitor their client’s heart rate throughout the duration of the workout to ensure that the client stays within a targeted weight loss zone.

Before the every training session, the trainer designs a program personalized for her client based on their current fitness level. In addition to workouts that are increasingly rewarding for the body, each trainer also regularly change the type of workouts so that the client always has something new to look forward to. During the session, the trainer will give instruction on proper form to prevent injury, ensure that the progression is advanced properly and most importantly, provide encouragement and motivation to help each client meet her goals.

By training in an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable, women are significantly more likely to meet and exceed their physical fitness goals. Thousands of Texas women have already invested in their health and appearance from the privacy of their own homes, and many more are embarking on the challenge each day.

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Lady Trainers To Go: Corporate Overview

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