Boost Energy and Endorphins
Boost Energy and Endorphins

Boost Energy and Endorphins Naturally

Dallas, TX, March 14, 2006— Energy is something we all crave.  From the moment we wake up until our head hits the pillow, many of us devote portions of our days to wishing we just had a little bit more energy.

Credited with giving us the motivation to get in an extra workout, get up a little earlier, or push ourselves a little further, Lady Trainers To Go personal trainer Nicole Masden describes energy as a healthy and clean feeling – one that her clients can’t get enough of.

“Every client I’ve ever had wants more energy,” says Masden.  The secret?  A healthy lifestyle.  Advising her clients to combine eating right with regular workouts, Masden likes to watch their energy levels rise as they change their way of life.

“Exercise empowers you,” says Masen.  “The number one way to boost your energy is to exercise.  The second way is to eat right.”

A healthy diet should include calcium, folate, and vitamin C.  For those wanting an extra boost, look for foods rich in nutrients such as vitamin E (found in naturally fatty plant-derived snacks like oils, nuts, and seeds), iron (found in meats, especially red meat; smaller quantities are found in chicken, pork, and some seafood), potassium (try adding a baked potato, white beans, or tomato sauce to your meals), zinc (found in vegetarian baked beans), and magnesium (you can get your fill from fish, cooked spinach, or black beans).

By combining an improved and well-rounded diet with regular exercise, energy will come naturally.  So hop off the couch, grab your running shoes, and force yourself to get outside and take advantage of your surroundings.  Take a jog around your neighborhood, run up the bleachers at your local high school stadium, or practice relaxing tai chi from the privacy and serenity of your backyard.

The fresh setting and boost in endorphins will have you feeling better and craving your next workout in no time. 

Lady Trainers To Go is a Dallas-based business founded by CEO Robert Korngiebel in 2005.  The company caters to female clients by providing them with some of the best female nutritionists and personal trainers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.  All trainers work with their clients in the convenience and privacy of the client’s own home.  They design programs based on individual needs and goals, and provide all equipment necessary for an effective, challenging workout. For more information visit or e-mail  

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Boost Energy and Endorphins

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