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Welcome to Lady Trainer To Go! You've Finally Found The Key to Unlock The Results You've Been Looking For!

Lady Trainers To Go is the one and only premium In-Home Dallas Personal Training service exclusively for women. Does just the thought of going to a gym make you feel guilty, uncomfortable, or inconvenienced? You deserve better.

Lady Trainers To Go provides female Dallas personal trainers and all the equipment needed for fabulous workouts for women in the luxury of your own home. Our ladies understand your body, concerns, and goals only the way a woman can.  No equipment, no problem, we provide everything you need for a great exercise routine. There is never a need to purchase any exercise equipment.

Each of our Lady fitness trainers takes personal pride in ensuring you reach your goals. Why? We know from experience the difference a dress size or two makes; not just in your wardrobe, but also in your overall well-being. 

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What else makes us unique?

  • Your female Dallas personal trainer will design workouts just for you on a session-by-session basis.
  • Our clients are Peer-Matched with a trainer that will compliment their personality.
  • We believe Nutrition is a lifestyle change taught by experts, and shouldn't take the form of a meal plan or a pill.
  • Service is so important to us, in addition to your personal trainer, you'll be assigned your very own Health and Fitness Concierge to ensure you have a wonderful experience.
  • Provided you're willing to work and have fun, You Will Get Results.
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Ladies, why is it important for a female Dallas personal trainer to design your workouts on a session-by-session basis?

There are a number of reasons, but most importantly, as women we understand your body better, empathize with good and bad days, and will train you to get the results a lady looks for. Some days you'll be ready to do a little extra; others you may not. We understand completely.

Your goal is our goal. Our Lady Trainers will work with you to trim and tone, not make you bulky. If you'd like to hear more about the importance of training with a female personal trainer, please read 20 Reasons It's Important for Women To Work With A Female Personal Trainer.

What Do Our Dallas Personal Trainer Clients Say About Their Female Trainers Designing Session-by-Session Routines?

Dawn Fredrick, Dallas TX

"...the great thing is that I have gone from a male to a female. I think having a female trainer they are just more familiar with the needs of a female body. So she has been able to concentrate on my areas of need and I see a great difference in the shape of my body and the way that I feel. ...thank God they came up with this idea. It has definitely taken care of my needs. Thanks!"

Sharon Stone, Dallas TX

"...I have had several gym memberships in the past and now I can’t even imagine going back and being just another drone working out with the same program as the 100 people before me and the next hundred people. My trainer provides me with a program that is made for my fitness level to provide me results..."

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What is Peer-Matching and why is it important to you?

Peer matching is unique to Lady Trainers To Go. Because we have a large number of personal trainers in the Dallas area, we're able to match you with a personal trainer that you'll find easy to talk to and work with. Some clients see better fitness results if they're distracted with casual conversation. Other clients get results when it's all business. Bottom line, an 18 year old "cheerleader" isn't the best personal trainer for everyone. Our Dallas personal trainers span the gamut from great young ladies to wonderful mature trainers in their second careers.

How do we peer match? One of our staff will meet with you, for free of course, and learn a little bit about you before we ever assign a trainer. Then we'll match you with a trainer that can best help you reach your goals.

What Do Our Dallas Personal Trainer Clients Say About Peer-Matching?

Megan Kingsley, Plano TX

"...Lady Trainers To Go did a great job of matching me with a trainer that relates to my personality so it was a great match as far as personality..."

Terri Bryson, Dallas TX

"...I just want to say I love my trainer from Lady Trainers To Go..."

Plano personal trainer

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Why does the food you eat have to be a lifestyle change and taught by experts?

If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, you'll never reach it by reading a meal plan or taking a specific supplement. Meal plans are notoriously difficult to stick to and they'll not change the way you think about food other than to make you hate it or crave it. Some supplementation may be required but, unless prescribed my a medical professional, it shouldn't be more than a multi-vitamin. (CAUTION: Vitamin companies are unregulated and pay personal trainers up to 80% commission to push their products. Bottom line, your best interest is not always put first if a personal trainer tries to sell you supplements).

At Lady Trainers To Go we believe in helping you change your lifestyle. Although some personal trainers may give nutrition advice, they are not trained professionals in the field. Each member of our female nutrition staff is a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetics Association and is licensed to practice as a medical professional in the field of dietetics in the state of Texas.

Once we assign your nutritionist, she'll work with you over the phone to break down your day into a "one meal at a time" approach. The first week you'll work together on breakfast. You'll identify your likes and dislikes, and determine ways to change the way you eat breakfast. You'll continue to work with your nutritionist using this "one meal at a time" approach for an initial 6 weeks. This will start you well on your way to a lifestyle transformation.

What Do Our Dallas Personal Trainer Clients Say About Our Approach to Nutrition?

Sue Harelson, Frisco TX

"Lady Trainers To Go has been a great experience for me....Not only has it helped me get back into shape physically but also with the nutritional side is teaching me how to eat better, and recognize healthy food and better food choices."

Linda Simms, Dallas TX

"... I also worked with the dietician and I think that really helped jumped start the process. It’s been a really good experience..."

personal trainer Frisco

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How do we ensure you'll have fun, quality exercise experience?

As soon as you start you'll be assigned a personal trainer and a Health and Fitness Concierge. Your concierge will stay in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure your enjoying your training, will monitor progress reports from your trainer and will coordinate any additional needs you may have. We're the only personal training organization in the industry that takes service to this high level and you'll love it.

Addtionally, your Dallas personal trainer will design unique fun workouts tailored to your likes and dislikes to help you reach your fitness goals. Each trainer is taught to incorporate a variety of techniques in each of your workouts. Exactly which are used depends upon your goals. Some of the techniques include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Resistance Training
  • Heart Rate/Cardio Training
  • Core Training
  • Stability Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Functional Training

We also teach our each Dallas personal trainer to continually change your sessions so you'll always feel energized and challenged. Just to keep your sessions extra fresh, we provide regular continuing education classes so our trainers have new exercise ideas for you on a regular basis.

What Do Our Dallas Personal Trainer Clients Say About Our Service and Their Workouts?

Shelly Barron, Irving TX

"...This is a very professional company and they hire excellent trainers. They also always make me feel like I'm their most important client..."

Pat H, Irving TX

"I wanted to let you know that I could not be happier with Lady Trainers To Go. This is the best workout program that I have ever done..."

Dallas personal trainer

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Provided you're willing to work and have fun-You Will Get Results.

There are few constants in this world but, math is one of them. That's right, math. According to the Mayo clinic, if your weight is currently stable, a 3500 calorie/per week change in either the food you eat or the energy you burn through exercise will result in 1 pound of weight loss per week.

If you need to lose a lot of weight, it may seem like it will take a long time. It may. We'll be here to support you as long as you need us. If you're already fit, wonderful! We'll help you reach your goal whether it means increased energy, a healthy heart, or just to trim and tone.

Bottom line, if you're willing to work hard with your Dallas personal trainer, we'll help you get the results you're after and teach you to maintain them for a lifetime.

What Do Our Dallas Personal Trainer Clients Say About Their Results?

Lisa Goetch , Dallas TX

"...I purchased 36 sessions and went roughly 3 times a week and lost over 25 pounds..."

Susan Browning, Frisco TX

"...I have lost about 32 pounds. I have nothing but good things to say about their services offered...."

Meg Banson, Southlake TX-

"... I am a nurse and I wanted to get stronger so I could lift my patients a little bit better and not hurt myself. I am amazed at how much more I have gotten out of the training. Today I ran for thirty minutes on the treadmill. I didn't think I could ever do that and I did!..."

female personal trainer

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We are so confident that our Dallas personal trainers are right for you, your initial fitness consultation and demonstration are free.

You can schedule your Consultation by calling 1-877-922-9992 or filling out the form on the top right of this page. You are not obligated to anything. We just want you to see for yourself why over 1700 Dallas ladies just like you abandoned their old fitness programs for one designed just for them. As a matter of fact, we would love for you to be our next great success story.  We know you are ready to finally make changes and achieve your goals, and now you've found the program that will make those goals a reality! Please, call now 1-877-922-9992 or 214-922-9992 or fill out the form on the top right to get started with a fabulous female Dallas personal trainer.

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Sharron VanCleve Dallas, TX

Lisa Goetch Dallas, TX
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